IBMC #1 Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

ibmc2.png      Hello my book nerds! Today we’ll are going to be starting the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. This is going to be tons of fun, so I hope you guys will really enjoy this challenge as much as I will. I will post this every day, or mostly every day when I can. The challenge is to do the ten challenges in 15 days. Today’s challenge is to make an 100 word paragraph based of of the prompts provided. If you would also like to do the challenge yourself you can go to this website and check it out: : I hope this is very challenging, too. I can’t even wait for this to start! Let’s get started.


To fly high is to be able to imagine all of the possibilities that live can offer. You reach everything that you strive for easily because you try you hardest, even when you think it is impossible. When you fly high, you meet all of the standards and more, nothing can bring you down when you are all the way up. You always are doing your best, even when you are having bad days. You can imagine what no one can think of. You are the most creative out of everyone that you know. When people have an inspiration, its you. Being able to fly is a great thing.

Flying high is something everyone should try their hardest to do, in their everyday life.


This was a great challenge, and I can’t wait to do more. If you also chose to do this challenge too, link it in the comment below. Hope you guys liked it because I certainly found this a great challenge. Be sure to go check out the creator of this fine challenge. Go buy a book, and read one too! Bye!



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